About Us

Tech Network Supply is your one-stop source for all things network. We started with networking hardware equipment and later widened our spectrum of products with nearly everything from switches to power cables, data tapes, and more. Then got the laptops and workstations to connect with those cables, and let’s not forget the software and licensing. To help you manage those computers, we have got everything from power supplies to power protection, tape drivers to input devices, and more to ensure your network components are within reach when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Speaking of installation, Tech Network Supply has got all the network hardware tools to aid you set your network, install switches to control that network, and use monitors to ensure everything is in order once you flip the switch. From beginning to end, we have got all the necessary networking supplies you need. That too from the top brands like Cisco, HP, Aruba, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, Juniper, and Fortinet. Our ecosystem of partners ensures that the clients from different verticals get to enjoy best-of-breed technologies throughout the project life cycle.

But that’s not the only reason why organisations around the globe turn to us. We supply products with strict governance and rigorously check the pricing on a daily basis to verify that you get the best possible deal. On top of it, our various regional touchpoints guarantee that we deliver our products globally. More than anything, our clear lines of communication and the desire to resolve issues in a professional and timely manner compel clients to buy from us again. Our original and newly sealed products are backed by warranties, which gives you inner peace and enables you to focus on what you truly excel at — running your business.